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A Friend in Munich - Private Tours in and around Munich
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Are you about to visit Munich?

Do you wish you knew somebody in Munich who could help you decide where to stay and what to see? Whether you travel alone, with family, or in a group, we will help you plan your trip. One of our experienced and friendly guides will show you around once you get there: on foot or by car. Get the support you would get from a friend or relative!

We will show you the highlights of Munich, but also listen to what your special interests are. Whether its history, architecture, shopping, or beer gardens, we will design a customized tour just for you! Consider visiting the country side too!

What's new?

Tours in other languages: We also offer tours in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese!

Oktoberfest: We'd be happy to reserve a booth in a tent for you and your party. Did you know that there is also a Frühlingsfest in the Spring which is just as much fun? 

Blog: Check out my blog on interesting places and sites in Germany: http://afriendingermany.wordpress.com/

Jo lee

My name is Jo Eckardt.

I lived in New York for 19 years teaching German at NYU and working for the UN. In 2001 I returned to Germany. Even though I live in Berlin, I frequently visit Munich and have many friends there. I have been organizing and leading many tours through Berlin, Germany and Munich since 2004. I will advise you on how to plan your stay and organize a tour according to your special interests.


Check out my Berlin wegpage: http://www.afriendinberlin.de

Check out my website on tours for families with teenagers: http://www.europewithteens.com


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