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Dear Dr. Jo,

The group told me that they loved Alexander and he is great. They got the most out of their short stay  in Munich - thank you!
Connie (Country Holidays, May 2014)


Good afternoon Jo!
We had a wonderful tour with Alexandra,.she was wonderful! We can't wait to meet Gerhard on the 11th. --
Top of the evening from sunny Munich Jo! :-) We had another wonderful day with one of your guides yesterday. Gerhard did a fabulous job. We had an absolutely perfect day weather wise and Gerhard showed us so many wonderful sights during our tour. Take care and thank you again for all of your help. Regards, Chris (Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 2011)


Dear Jo,We just wanted to thank you very much for arranging all the details of our trip. Everything went as planned and was perfect! Please let Alexander and Ali know how pleased we were! Alex's knowledge was incredible. We thoroughly enjoyed his company and appreciated his guidance, while educating us on the areas we visited. We found his art website and see that he has great talent too! Ali was wonderful with his driving and a pleasure to be around. Such a gracious man! We are sure that we will be re-visiting Munich again. When we do, we hope to contact you then. Germany and Austria are beautiful in the winter! The Hale Family Feb. 2011
Alexander was the perfect guide for Dachau, the Munich Olympic Stadium, the BMW factory, and especially the sledding near Tergernsee. Everything was perfect. Because we had such a good time, I am hoping to relive some of my German experiences by having a Bavarian "Octoberfest" party this year at my house. Many thanks again, Frank J. Langendorff (New Jersey) 2010  
My clients loved Michael and said he was awesome. They were both very impressed and said that it was the best trip they had ever been on. (Travel Agent Debbie Berner, dberner@tandt.com, phone 402-548-3944).   
The tour with Dagmar was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone. There would be no possible way that we would have seen or understood the history if we had done it on our own (Christine Collins, Canada, June 2007).  
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